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Feel happy about what you serve on the table and put inside your tummy with our highest quality meats. From 100% grass-fed beef to air-chilled chicken, from wild-caught salmon to the juiciest pork, weve got you covered.


When you buy from us, you join our cause of supporting local Alberta farms and suppliers. We are focused on developing Albertas regional supply chains by connecting you with the best meat from local farmers, butchers, and producers.


Curbside Cuts never restricts you. We dont tie you up with subscriptions or unnecessary conditions. Just order meat when you need it, and we will deliver it to your doorstep without any hassle. With us, there are simply no contracts, no obligations, and no commitments. Buy at your convenience only!


Curbside Cuts focuses on making the delivery as soon as possible so that you dont have to wait and add to the hassle. With us as your meat supplier, you will be able to get the meat delivered to your doorstep the same-day or the next day.


We understand that the taste, the quality, and the enjoyment of the meat depend upon its freshness. Therefore, we strive to ensure that it reaches you with utmost quality. We vacuum seal each portion individually that guarantees freshness for up to 18 months. Moreover, the individual packages make cooking easier.


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Why does that steak taste so good? How is that bacon so juicy? What makes this fish so fresh? The answer to all these questions lies in who you get your meat from. The recipe and the chef do play a role in how good a piece of meat tastes. However, the MVP of a great cut of meat or seafood dish comes from where you get it! Want to get that fresh, juicy, restaurant-quality flavour at home? Get your meat or seafood from Curbside Cuts. Restaurant-quality meat can be delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices through our convenient and personable meat delivery process.




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Curbside Cuts is not just a meat shop. It is more of a platform that connects you to the best sources of meat and fish. We strive to deliver convenience and satisfaction by helping you become a part of the local network of butchery and meat in Calgary. From the farmers, the butchers, and the delivery drivers that get your favorite cuts to your doorstep – we are adapting and rebuilding local meat shopping. 

We believe that the only way to move forward is to do it together. And that is precisely what we aim to do by helping you shop for local meat.

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