Whether you are a fan of chicken breasts, chicken wings, drumsticks, or even thighs, you will enjoy our tasty and juicy chicken like never before. Once you have the taste of our chicken, you will never go back.

Our pasture-raised chickens are raised on local family farms in Alberta. Our whole process of delivering meat to you focuses on being ethical and humane. Therefore, the farms from where we source our chicken focuses on keeping the birds happy and healthy where they live freely, wandering through green grass fields and picking their diets of grass and grains. 

Thus, when you order your chicken from us, you can be assured of no antibiotics, no GMOs, or any added hormones. Our chickens are natural, hearty, and healthy. This production and processing mechanism makes them nutritious and flavorful to enhance your eating experience.

To keep our chicken at peak freshness when it reaches your doorstep, we safely and carefully vacuum seal each cut of meat in portion sizes. This packing procedure does not only keep the meat fresh but is also convenient for you to simply take it out of the freezer and enjoy it right away! In addition, you can use these vacuum-sealed meat portions for up to 18 months as our high-quality packaging and distribution process keeps the freshness intact.

Our Chicken Cuts include:

Our Chicken is:

Raised with High Animal Care Standards

We make sure to raise our chickens to the highest standards of care, quality, consistency, and sustainability.


We deliver chicken to you that is air-chilled. We place the meat in temperature-controlled chambers and monitor them carefully, where the purified air cools them over a few hours. The air-chilling process leads to various benefits that all lead to the same outcome – a great-tasting chicken.

100% Locally Raised

Our birds are raised in local Alberta farms as we support neighborhood and local shopping.

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Local Meat Delivery

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Why does that steak taste so good? How is that bacon so juicy? What makes this fish so fresh? The answer to all these questions lies in who you get your meat from. The recipe and the chef do play a role in how good a piece of meat tastes. However, the MVP of a great cut of meat or seafood dish comes from where you get it! Want to get that fresh, juicy, restaurant-quality flavour at home? Get your meat or seafood from Curbside Cuts. Restaurant-quality meat can be delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices through our convenient and personable meat delivery process.

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