Chicken Parmesan 2.9 kg 14 pieces

Chicken breast stuffed with parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and lightly breaded.

Chicken cordon bleu 2.4 kg 14 pieces

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese and lightly breaded.

Chicken fingers 2.3 kg

Whole chicken breast strips lightly breaded.

6 oz Free range organic chickenBreasts 2.7kg 16pc

Fresh whole chicken breast fillets skinless & boneless

Free range organic chicken thighs boneless and skinless 3.2 kg 24-36 pieces

Fresh whole chicken thighs fillets skinless & boneless.


Potato crusted cod 2kg 14 pieces

Atlantic cod fillet crusted with potatoes, cheese and chives.

Norwegian sushi grade salmon 2.2kg 12 pieces

Norwegian sushi grade salmon of the highest quality.

Pacific halibut 1.7kg 10 pieces

High quality Pacific halibut.

Atlantic cod loin 2.2kg 14 pieces

Delicious cut of high quality Atlantic cod.

Yellowfin tuna sushi grade 2.1 kg 12 pieces

High quality sushi grade Yellowfin tuna

Raw argentinian shrimp 1.8kg 4 packages

Four package argentinian shrimp

Digby scallops 1.8kg 4 packages

Four packages of Digby Sacallops


Executive top sirloin roasts 3 pieces

Three pieces of high quality sirloin roasts.

10 oz AAA New york strip steak 2.8kg 10 pieces

Ten pieces of AAA New York strip steak.

10 oz AAA ribeye steak 2.8kg 10 pieces

Ten pieces of AAA ribeye steak .

6 oz AAA sirloin steak 2.9kg 16 pieces

Sixteen pieces of AAA siloin steak.

Extra lean ground beef 3.6kg 8 packages

Eight packages of extra lean ground beef.

Bacon wrapped fillet mignon 24 pieces

Twenty four of fillet mignon wrapped with bacon.


Extra thick cut bacon 4.1kg 6 packages

Six packages of extra thick cut bacon.

10 oz French porkchops 2.8 kg 10 pieces

Ten pieces of French porkchops.

Baby back ribs 2.8 kg 6 racks

Six racks of high quality baby back ribs.

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